Disability Day Program for Adults in Geelong

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We offer engaging adult disability day programs for NDIS participants, featuring both centre-based and community-based activities.

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At Maudcare, we provide a holistic, person-centered approach that empowers individuals.

Our holistic approach emphasises the importance of providing a person-centered experience where individual choice and empowerment are key elements.

We strive to empower our participants to achieve independence while also offering support to develop essential social and life skills, as well as nurturing long-term relationships. Our goal is to help individuals reach their full potential and become the best versions of themselves. 

How Can Maudcare Help You?

We help you to get the most out of every day

We offer a variety of enjoyable and engaging adult day service programs for NDIS participants that revolve around both centre-based group activities and community-based activities. 

Feel supported and empowered while learning new skills and enjoying exciting activities. We tailor our services based on what you want to get out of life!

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Our Story

Why Maudcare exists

Maudcare is a tribute to the memory of our mother, Maud Steenbeek, who passed away in 2020. She was our teacher and mentor, an expat from the Netherlands, and a free spirit at heart who was always connected to the ocean, sailing, and exploring the farmlands as a child.

We are two brothers, Luke and Adam, and we want to deliver support differently. Our approach is holistic and fun, with a deep understanding of the benefits that nature and animals can provide.

We have knowledge of produce and health, and we promote positive relationships with our bodies. We believe in harnessing an active lifestyle and its many benefits.

Ready to have some fun?

Life is what you make it.

Let's make it amazing.

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We Provide A Holistic Approach To Your Care

We believe in addressing your wellbeing from all angles. Our holistic approach to care ensures that your physical, emotional, and mental needs are met.

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Enjoy A Welcoming & Inclusive Environment

Maudcare is a place where you can be yourself without hesitation, surrounded by people who genuinely care about you, your story and your goals.

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Try New Experiences Tailored To You

Our team curates a range of activities that match your interests and abilities, whether it's exploring a new hobby, embarking on local outings, or enjoying creative pursuits.

Life at Maudcare

Get started with us and

Join in the fun!

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Grow fresh produce

Our participants will have the opportunity to actively engage in gardening by tending to and harvesting fresh and healthy produce.

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Learn to cook

The fresh produce collected from our garden is utilised in our cooking classes, where participants can develop their culinary skills.

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Meet the chickens

Maudcare is home to four friendly resident chickens who lay fresh eggs daily, that participants can take home and share with their loved ones.

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Enjoy an active lifestyle

Our participants will have access to a variety of health and fitness programs, including our basic program, in addition to our in-house gym and sauna facilities.

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Take part in our Adventure program

Maudcare offers weekend day activities that allow participants to explore the great outdoors and engage in exciting outdoor activities.

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Explore your community

Our community access program includes a variety of fun and exciting activities that are based within the local community and promote social engagement.

Our reviews

See what our

participants say

At Maudcare, we love hearing from our participants, whose experiences reflect how our programs empower and support them. 

Here are some reviews from those we’ve had the pleasure of supporting, sharing how our services have positively impacted their journey to independence and growth.

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