Our Activity Hubs

Discover Maudcare’s Corio facility, an energetic hub offering a variety of programs ranging from arts and crafts to health and fitness, supporting participants in their journey to independence with diverse opportunities for learning, growth, and fun.

Our Templestowe Hub is coming soon!

Living room of Corio facility with 2 beanbags, couch, rug and whiteboard

Are you looking for an engaging, friendly, and safe place to spend your time?

Our Corio facility provides a welcoming environment where participants can explore a variety of activities and programs, all designed to support their journey to independence.

Our friendly team are dedicated to nurturing a sense of community, providing opportunities for social interaction, skill development, and fun. Whether you’re interested in developing new skills, building relationships, or simply enjoying the company of others, Maudcare offers a vibrant space for all.


Maudcare’s Corio facility provides an inviting space where participants can enjoy various activities in a supportive environment that nurtures connection and wellbeing


Our Templestowe facility, coming soon, will extend our programs to a new area, offering participants a welcoming environment to explore their interests.

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