Our Corio space

Living room of Corio facility with 2 beanbags, couch, rug and whiteboard

Enjoy a fun and supportive space that empowers you.

At our Corio facility, you’ll find engaging programs and activities designed to encourage growth and connection, providing opportunities to explore new skills and build relationships in a nurturing environment.

Spacious living areas

Spacious living areas at Maudcare’s Corio facility offer ample room for activities, socialising, and relaxation. 

These comfortable spaces create an inviting atmosphere for participants to engage in diverse programs, supporting their journey to independence and wellbeing.

Living room of Corio facility with 2 beanbags, couch, rug and whiteboard

Veggie garden and chickens

Our veggie garden and chickens provide hands-on opportunities to connect with nature and learn about food production.

Participants can cultivate produce, care for the animals, and understand the cycle of farm-to-table living, helping build a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Close up of chickens outside in backyard

Gym and sauna

The Corio facility features a gym and sauna, offering participants a space to improve their physical fitness and overall wellbeing.

These amenities provide opportunities for participants to engage in health and wellness activities, helping them lead balanced and active lives.

Wooden sauna

Plus so much more!

From creative programs to community outings, we offer a variety of activities that support participants in their journey to independence, growth, and connection.

Disabled man giving two big thumbs up to the camera and a big smile while sitting at table

Corio Facility Gallery

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