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Join the excitement at Maudcare, where you can make new friends, explore engaging activities, and enjoy opportunities for growth in a fun, supportive environment.

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Looking to have some fun, make new friends and try new activities?

Maudcare offers a variety of programs designed to support your journey to independence, including engaging group activities, creative endeavours, and opportunities to explore your interests in a supportive environment.

Connect with others, learn new skills, and enjoy the company of our friendly community.

There's something for everyone!

Get involved

Cartoon yoga

Morning Mindfulness

Start the day with yoga, breathing exercises, and open dialogue.

Cartoon park

Outdoor Living Skills

Connect with nature, learn about food production, and interact with animals.

Cartoon paint

Expressive Art & Creativity

Explore your imagination through arts and crafts projects.

Cartoon sit up

Health & Fitness

Improve your wellbeing with fitness programs and nutrition guidance.

Cartoon egg in frypan


Cook healthy meals from scratch, connecting garden produce to the kitchen.

Cartoon camera

Photography & Multimedia

Capture and portray your surroundings through pictures, videos, and films.

Cartoon hand writing with pen

Literacy & Creative Writing

Convey ideas and stories on paper, nurturing grammar and writing skills.

Cartoon comb

Living Skills

Develop skills for personal care, grooming, and maintaining a healthy home.

Cartoon person on hike


Explore the wilderness and community, learning about nature and wildlife safely.

Cartoon train

Community Access & Travel

Visit local businesses, develop money skills, and navigate PTV confidently.

Cartoon person dancing with music symbol

Music & Dance

Express yourself through dancing, singing, and music, building connections with peers.

Cartoon head with lighbulb

Volunteering / Work Skills

Investigate local businesses, gain job skills, and volunteer at establishments.

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