Health and Fitness

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The Health and Fitness sessions at Maudcare offer participants an opportunity to explore the importance of an active lifestyle. This session provides valuable insights into diet and movement, taking a holistic approach to health in a fun and interactive setting.
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Participants learn how to incorporate movement into their daily routines, understanding its role in wellbeing and regulation. Through various activities, they gain practical knowledge about healthy eating and physical activity, helping them to lead healthier lives. The session not only promotes physical fitness but also encourages a balanced approach to health, enriching participants’ wellbeing and supporting their overall lifestyle.

What to expect

  • Access to our Gym facility.
  • Exploring foods, colours, tastes aromas and textures.
  • Moving our bodies, increase strength and conditioning and regulate our bodies through resistance activities, yoga, dance and more.
  • Walking and mindfulness.
  • Fun activities, bowling, mini golf, basketball and a wide range of fun interactive sports.

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