Morning Mindfulness

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Our Morning Mindfulness session at Maudcare offers a meaningful opportunity for both participants and staff to connect. This session provides a space to check in with ourselves emotionally, sharing how we're feeling and setting goals for the day ahead.
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Our Morning Mindfulness session begins with simple yoga stretches and breathing exercises, creating an environment of calm and presence. This allows participants to centre themselves and reflect on their mood for the day, appreciating the moment and setting a positive tone.

The session encourages open dialogue, with participants and staff engaging in conversations to build strong relationships, creating a supportive atmosphere. This mindful approach helps participants and staff navigate their emotions, setting them up for success in their daily activities.

What to expect

  • Mindfulness activity as a group.
  • A group check in, questions and answers, and zones of regulation.
  • Discussion with the group, conversations between staff and participants.
  • What we are grateful for, what may be our goals today and if we are not feeling the best, what tools can we use to better ourselves for the day?
  • Asking each other questions, speaking up and advocacy.
  • How we can support each other.      
  • Going through our daily plan – knowing what to expect of the day.   

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