Volunteering / Work skills

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The Volunteering / Work Skills sessions at Maudcare offer participants an opportunity to investigate local companies and businesses, exploring their interests in the world of work. This session provides valuable insights into various aspects of employment, fostering confidence and skills necessary for the job market.
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Participants learn about self-care, grooming, and job interview techniques, equipping them for success in professional settings. The session also offers opportunities to volunteer at local establishments, providing hands-on experience and cultivating a sense of community engagement.

This approach not only develops job-related skills but also encourages participants to pursue their interests, enriching their confidence and capabilities in both personal and professional spheres.

What to expect

  • Investigating local businesses and organisations to volunteer with.
  • Researching where we would like to volunteer and call and contact services.
  • Learning about Job skills and routine.
  • Understanding the importance of volunteering and work.
  • Learning about personal care and grooming as it relates to Job interviews and work.
  • Learning about social interaction and mock work interviews.

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