Photography and Multimedia

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Our Photography and Multimedia sessions at Maudcare offer participants an opportunity to understand multimedia and technology through a creative lens. This session provides an engaging way to explore the surrounding environment through pictures, videos, collages, and films.
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Participants learn to capture and portray their surroundings in diverse forms, utilising technology to create compelling visual narratives. This hands-on approach helps participants to develop their skills in photography and multimedia, nurturing both creativity and technical proficiency.

The session not only promotes artistic expression but also encourages participants to communicate and share their unique perspectives, enriching their understanding of multimedia and its role in modern storytelling.

What to expect

  • Learning about photography, the different types of pictures and functions of a camera.
  • Multimedia, transferring pictures and uploading them to the computer.
  • Creating participant folders with snapshots of their term, pictures and info attached, taking this home at the end of term.
  • Creating photo boards and collages – explaining interests and/or info about yourself.
  • Filmmaking and video skills.
  • Creating mini documentaries and films or montages.
  • Mobile phone use and skills.

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