Outdoor Living Skills

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Our Outdoor Living Skills session at Maudcare offers a valuable opportunity for participants and staff to connect with the natural world and each other. This session facilitates learning about nature and food cultivation, providing an engaging way to understand where food comes from.
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Participants explore the process of cultivation in the garden, learning to appreciate food from the ground up. The session also provides an opportunity to interact with farm animals, creating a deeper connection with nature.

This hands-on approach fosters a sense of appreciation for the environment, enriching participants’ understanding of the cycle of food production and the role that animals play in our ecosystem. Through these activities, participants and staff strengthen their connection to nature, gaining insights that support a holistic approach to wellbeing.

What to expect

  • Interacting with animals.
  • Feeding chickens, collecting eggs to bring home and cleaning the chicken pen.
  • Cultivating the garden, weeding,collection of produce as well¬† creating new areas throughout the garden
  • Planting produce and flowers, trimming trees and plants as well as watering and maintenance.
  • Compost and recycling, learning about the importance of both.
  • Collecting produce, using it for cooking and bringing it home to clients families at the end of the week.

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