Expressive Art and Creativity

Cartoon white and yellow squiggles
The Expressive Art and Creativity session at Maudcare offers participants an opportunity to explore their minds and imaginations through various arts and crafts activities. This session provides a creative outlet for transferring thoughts, feelings, and ideas into tangible forms.
Group of NDIS participants in art class at table painting

Participants engage in diverse projects, utilizing different mediums to express themselves. This process helps them to channel their emotions and inspirations into artwork, nurturing both self-expression and creativity. The session not only cultivates artistic skills but also encourages participants to communicate and share their unique perspectives, enriching their well-being and sense of community.

What to expect

  • Experimenting and playing with arts and crafts.
  • Stimulating your creative side through art.
  • Creating jewellery, cards, paper mache, pictures and painting.
  • Working together as a team on projects.
  • Drawing, sketching and colouring.
  • Sensory art activities.
  • Choosing a project to work on throughout the term.

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