Living Skills

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Our Living Skills program at Maudcare offer participants an opportunity to develop practical skills through accountability and an appreciation of healthy spaces. This session provides insights into personal care and grooming, promoting a sense of wellbeing within the home environment.
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Participants learn about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including personal grooming routines that help them feel good and accomplished. This hands-on approach nurtures self-care skills, encouraging participants to take pride in their living spaces and daily routines.

The session not only promotes independence and confidence but also supports a balanced lifestyle, enriching participants’ wellbeing and sense of accomplishment within their home spaces.

What to expect

  • Developing your daily living skills.
  • Managing your money and budgeting skills, learning to make financial transactions.
  • Meal preparation.
  • Home safety
  • Household duties.
  • Community engagement skill.
  • Learning about personal care and grooming.
  • Keeping safe in the community.
  • Road safety – recognising signs.

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