Music and Dance

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The Music and Dance programs at Maudcare offer participants an opportunity to express themselves through dancing, singing, and music. This session provides an engaging way to explore various forms of musical expression, nurturing self-expression and creativity.
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Participants interact with different styles of music, using movement and song to convey their emotions. This hands-on approach also encourages relationship-building, as participants engage with their peers through shared performances.

The session not only promotes musical and artistic skills but also encourages collaboration and communication, enriching participants’ connections to one another and creating a supportive community.

What to expect

  • Karaoke and music.
  • raps and rhymes
  • Singing and dancing together, moving our bodies and having fun.
  • Creating a band
  • Choreography to create dance and song routines which we can showcase to participants and staff.
  • Using instruments.

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