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Cooking sessions at Maudcare offer participants an opportunity to understand the art of cooking in a healthy and enjoyable way. This session provides valuable insights into preparing nutritious meals, connecting produce from the garden into dishes in the kitchen.
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Participants learn to plan a recipe, gather and source ingredients, and create a meal from scratch. This hands-on approach creates a deeper appreciation for the process of cooking, allowing participants to develop culinary skills while making healthy choices.

The session not only promotes nutritious eating but also nurtures a connection between the garden and kitchen, enriching participants’ wellbeing and culinary confidence.

What to expect

  • Preparing and planning a meal for the day.
  • Traveling to the local grocer and obtaining ingredients and/or items.
  • Harvesting ingredients from the garden.
  • Cleaning and preparation of dishes and food.
  • Learning about cooking, techniques, flavours and cuisines.
  • Sharing cultural cuisines from participants and learning from each other.

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